Hi, Darrena Strawder Founder + CEO of Designs with Style 24, I have been making Jewelry since
high school.  I always had a passion for fashion whether it was clothes, jewelry, hair, or even nails,
I also wanted to start my own business that would enable me to stay home with my three kids at this point
I taught myself the basics of jewelry making.  I finally stepped out the shadow one day with the advice of my
cousin, along with visions and ideas of close friends and family members, starting DWS 24 has allowed me to
perfect designs connecting amazing men and women all across the world.  DWS 24 vision is to create simple but
abstract pieces these designs can be worn with your favorite jeans or even that little black dress,
each piece we design is meaningful, and hand-stamped with the word DWS24,
or Quoted Beads also each piece will be accompanied by a special verse or phrase, I absolutely love to see
men and women happy about our designs and creations, all DWS 24 pieces is a work of art and assembled with
lots of love and care.  I’m mainly inspired by nature, semi-precious gemstones, health, art, poets,
and fashion designers. DWS 24 exists because of moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, Friends, sisters, and brothers
Who passed along the word by wearing one of our wonderful designs?
We are confident you will find your perfect piece to hear more about our story or to tell yuor story about us
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